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Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewer Inspections By St. Louis Experts

Your home’s drainage system is made up of the waste lines that allow the water you use to exit your home, and a vent line which equalizes the pressure. Scope king technicians provide reliable and dependable services, and provide complete video inspections of sewer lines.

With video line plumbing inspections, Scope king llc technicians will be able to precisely locate any blockages, deformities, problem areas in your drain system.

Sewer inspection and location is important for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re buying a new home or just have slow drainage, you need to know if your sewer lines are functioning as they should, and you need to know how to fix the problem if they aren’t. Broken, blocked, or root-infested sewer lines can cause sewage back-ups into a building, whether it’s a home or commercial space. Scope king llc has current technology that can help you diagnose your sewer line issues before they result in a full-on sewer back-up.

Don’t let a faulty sewer add to the expense or ruin the excitement of your new home! As part of your home or building inspection, have the sewer inspected for roots, blockages, and breaks that could cost thousands to repair or replace. It’s better to know about these types of issues in the beginning, rather than be surprised with them after the sale!


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